5 Best Online Platforms for Academic Success at the University of Florida

Best Online Platforms for Academic Success at UF

Being a UF student can be challenging. This post introduces a variety of tools and resources to help you, covering keys to academic success and the skills needed to flourish as a University of Florida student.

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1. Knack

Knack is an online tutoring platform that was founded by Gator alumni and is now being offered to UF students as an approved tutoring resource.

Through Knack, UF students have access to a network of qualified and vetted peer tutors who are available to provide help with courses through one-on-one or group tutoring sessions.

Sessions can take place online via Knack’s online classroom or on-campus at approved locations.

How to find a tutor on knack

The process is simple.

  1. Log in with your GatorLink account.
  2. Search for a class and post a request. 
  3. Then, vetted, available tutors will respond with offers to help you.
  4. Once you’ve decided on a tutor, book a session to confirm the details or message them for more information. 

2. Greekrank UF

Greekrank is a college forum to learn about and interact with college greek life. You can ask questions about a particular college, create or reply to current topics of discussion about the University of Florida, UF.

You can access UF greekrank via greekrank.com/uni/31/greek-life.

UF greekrank overview

  • Total Fraternities: 38
  • Total Sororities: 24
  • Total Discussion: 65063
  • Total School Reviews: 21

Greek life is prevalent and a big part of campus life at UF. Greeks rule the school at the University of Florida.

3. UF reddit

UF Reddit is a perfect subreddit, r/ufl is the perfect online forum for you to learn anything about the University of Florida.

It is an unofficial subreddit for the University of Florida and has over 20,000 Gators. It is a place to meet your fellow Gators, ask questions, and have useful discussions.

There are useful discussions on topics from easiest classes at UF, Engineering Economy to digital arts and sciences topics. Just find the topics about your course and you’re good to go.

4. Rate my professors

Rate My Professors UF is the largest online destination for professor ratings for University of Florida students.

The platform has over 1.3 million professors, 7000 schools & 15 million ratings. It is the best professor ratings source based on student feedback.

UF has 601 school ratings with an average professor rating of 3.83 on Rate my Professor.

It is a good place to find out what other Gators are saying about your school, your professors, etc. You can also give your opinion or ratings about your experiences.

5. Study edge uf

Study Edge UF is an online platform for college students to increase their understanding of course material and perform better in exams by offering live review sessions right across from campus.

They also create video content and study guides specific to your professor, and deliver this to you through Facebook, or their iPhone/iPad, and Android apps.

How to access study edge

To get started using the Study Edge Facebook Application,

  1. Go to studyedge.com/app and click the ‘Study Edge App’ link on the right.
  2. Once you have added the application, you will select your school (University of Florida) and your subject.
  3. The class page for your subject is where you can watch videos and ask questions on the wall.

Study Edge is not free, it’s a pay-as-you-go service, so you’re free to cancel your membership at any time.

There are two pricing plans:

  • $50/month – Gold
  • $75/month – Diamond

To cancel your Study Edge subscription, dial 1-888-97-STUDY and request cancelation and a confirmation email once they cancel.

If you cancel in the middle of the month, you’ll be charged for that month, but you won’t be subjected to any annual contracts or additional fees.

Frequently asked questions

Is knack free for UF students?

Yes! Every UF student will receive free tutoring through the UF-Knack collaboration. If you received an email stating that you would receive free tutoring for any course in which you are enrolled, you were identified by UF Student Financial Affairs as having some level of financial need based on FAFSA information.

Is free tutoring available at UF?

Yes. UF has partnered with Knack to enhance the peer-to-peer learning community on campus. Every student of the University of Florida will receive free tutoring through the UF-Knack collaboration.

What percent of UF is Greek?

About 15% of UF students are involved in Greek Life. Many students have found networking and service opportunities by joining a sorority or fraternity.

What is the Study edge at UF?

Study Edge UF is an online platform for University of Florida students to increase their understanding of course materials and perform better in exams by offering live review sessions right across from campus.

Do you need Facebook for study edge?

Study edge can be accessed via your iPhone/iPad, and Android apps. You can use the Facebook app for watching videos, downloading study guides, trying practice problems, and posting questions on the Class Wall. You must log in through Canvas to access the Study Edge resources.

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