Biola Canvas: Useful Guide to Biola University Canvas LMS 2022

Biola canvas guide

Biola Canvas is a web and mobile-based learning management system made by Instructure and used at Biola University to conduct teaching and learning.

It allows professors to post course syllabi, assignments, initiate discussion, or direct communication as well as students to submit course assignments and interact with fellow students and their professors.

How to log into biola canvas

To access Biola University canvas,

  1. Log into biola canvas by navigating to on your web browser.
  2. Enter your username. i.e your NetID (usually first name, last initial, then maybe a number).
  3. Enter your NetID password (Same password as my.Biola and your Biola Email).
  4. Click on “Log in”.
  5. Once you log in, the “Dashboard” will show all your current courses, or you can click on “Courses” to see a link to “All Courses”.
  6. After you click “All Courses” you will see a list of all current, past, and future courses.
  7. Click on the little star to the left of a current course name to make that one course appear on your “Dashboard” for quicker access.
biola canvas login page
biola canvas login page

By default, the Biola Canvas Dashboard will show you a list of courses in “Card View.” If you’re not seeing that, you may have switched your view to “List View” or “Recent Activity.” To switch back to “Card View” click the vertical ellipses menu on the far-right and choose “Card View.”

If your class is there, but grayed out – that just means the instructor hasn’t yet “published” the course for students to see. If a class is missing, make sure you’re officially enrolled (updates to Canvas can take up to 6 hours). Check your class list at my.Biola. If you’re looking for a past class, click “Courses” then “All Courses.”

How to link your canvas account services

If you authorize Canvas to log in to other web accounts for you, you can connect your Canvas account to other accounts like Twitter, Google Docs, and Skype. This assumes you already have an account on one of those services. If you do, here’s how to link it to Canvas:

  1. Click Account along the left of any Canvas page, then click Settings.
  2. In the Web Services section, see the list of Other Services.
  3. Click on one of those services.
  4. Fill in your username on that service, then follow the directions to log in.

Logging into biola systems

Biola NetID is a unique identifier for all members of the Biola University community. Its primarily functions as a user’s login credential for Biola’s single sign on service (SSO) that allows users to manage a single user credential and use it with any other integrated service (e.g., Zoom, MyAccount, Biola Canvas, etc.). 

To log in to any Biola system or service, you will need your NetID and the associated password. This includes common services like, wireless network access, Biola Canvas, and most library databases.

Your NetID cannot be changed.

The NetID consists of the first name, last initial, and one or more numbers (e.g. johns11). Biola community members use the first time access process to set the NetID password, and n alternate email address.

How to recover your NetID

  1. Go to on your browser.
  2. Click on Forgot your NetID or password?
  3. Type in your personal email address (non-Biola email) and click the Go >> button.
  4. Log in to your personal email address and open the password reset link email sent to you labeled Reset your Biola University account password.
  5. Your NetID will be listed at the top of the email.

How to reset your NetID password

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Forgot your NetID or password?
  3. Type in your personal email address (non-Biola email) and click the Go >> button.
  4. Log in to your personal email address and open the password reset link email we sent to you labelled Reset your Biola University account password.
  5. Click the Reset my account password! link listed in the email.
  6. Type a new password into the Passphrase text box.
  7. Type the new password again in the Confirm Passphrase textbox.
  8. Click the Save button.
  9. Type in your NetID and the newly created password and click the Log in button.
  10. If you were successfully able to log in then your password has successfully updated.

If you encounter any errors accessing biola canvas, call the IT Helpdesk at 562.903.4740 or email us at

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