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Cuny Transcript order
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The City University of New York (CUNY) has partnered with Parchment as the service provider to process all CUNY transcript orders online.

Its service delivers automated processing of official academic transcripts where current, former, and alumni students have the ability to access this web ordering service in obtaining their official academic transcripts.

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How to order an official transcript through Parchment

Current students

If you are currently enrolled or have previously enrolled in the last semester or so in any CUNY Institution, you must log in to your CUNYfirst account (, and go to your Student Center.

Once on the Student Center page, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the Student Center page, under the “Academics” tab, select “Request Official Transcript.” This will take you to the transcript ordering services page, with a list of all CUNY Institution’s Transcript Ordering Services sites.
  2. Select the CUNY Institution, from which you are requesting a transcript, you have attended and enrolled.
  3. After selecting the CUNY Institution, you are taken to the institution’ specific Transcript Ordering Services page. The Transcript Ordering Services page contains viable information pertaining to the ordering process. Select “Order PDF Transcript(s)” [If available] or “Order Paper Hard-Copy Transcript(s)” and follow the necessary steps to complete the order.
  4. Once you submit your payment towards the end of your ordering process, you will receive an email confirmation containing the order number and the receipt of the transcript order. A follow-up email will be sent letting you know that the order was completed. For PDF transcript(s) sent to an Institution or “Third Party Recipient,” you will receive a follow-up email notifying you that the transcript was received by the recipient.

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All Transcript Ordering Services page contains an “Information” section, which contains current information about the Institution you are requesting the transcript from. Such information listed may be relevant to a student ordering an official transcript:

  • Information on sending an official transcript from one CUNY Institution to another CUNY Institution.
  • Campus Registrar’s Operation Hours.
  • Instructions to former students who have attended any CUNY Institution before 1980 etc.
Cuny Transcript Request
Cuny Transcript Request

Former students

Former/Alumni students who have used CUNYfirst previously, must sign on to their account and follow the same steps used as a current student to request their official transcript on Student Center.

If you do not remember your username and/or password, follow the instructions listed below.

  • If you have a CUNYfirst account and have forgotten your password. Go to and select “Forgot Password” to reset your password.
  • If you have forgotten your CUNYfirst account username. Go to, select “Forgot Username” and fill out the necessary information.

How to order unofficial transcripts

Students who are currently enrolled in any CUNY Institution can obtain an “Unofficial Transcript”, free of charge, through their Student Center in CUNYfirst by following the steps below:

  1. Under the “Academics” tab of the Student Center page, click on the drop-down menu located on the left side that reads “Other Academics” and select the option “Transcript: View Unofficial.”
  2. Once “Transcript: View Unofficial” is selected, click on the blue arrow to proceed to the next page.
  3. Select the Academic Institution from the drop-down menu, then select the Report Type which is “Student Unofficial Transcript.”
  4. Select “View Report”, which opens a new window to view the student’s unofficial cuny transcript.

Cuny transcript order online status

After placing the transcript request order online, you can check the status of the order on the Parchment Order Status page. Type your order number in the field provided.

If for any reason Parchment is unable to fulfill your order, you will be notified via email, or you may contact the Registrar’s Office of the CUNY Institution you have ordered your official cuny transcript from.

How to order a PDF transcript

If you want to order a Cuny Transcript in PDF form, here’s a guide. Where it’s a bmcc transcript, queens college transcript, york college transcript, or uapc transcript, this guide is helpful.
Video guide on how to order Cuny transcript in PDF

How to access the transcript ordering site

  1. Log in to CUNYfirst with your credentials.
  2. Select “Student Center” from the “CUNYFIRST MENU”.
  3. Under the “Academics” tab, select “Request Official Transcript” to order a transcript from a CUNY institution.
  4. Next, a list of all CUNY Institutions and links to their Transcript Ordering Services page should appear in a new window. Choose the institution from which you would like to order a transcript.
  5. To begin an order, select “Order PDF Transcript(s)” from the “Transcript Ordering Services” page.
  6. On the “Student Information” page, specific information such as Name, Birthdate, CUNYfirst ID, Address, and Phone Numbers, is automatically populated because they were authenticated through CUNYfirst.
    • Name, Birthdate, and CUNYfirst ID cannot be edited. If your name or birthdate is incorrect, update this information at the Registrar’s Office of your current CUNY institution.
    • Input or edit the following: Attended From/To Year, Other Last Names, Current Address, Email Address, and Telephone Number.

How to order school-to-school PDF transcript

  1. Select “Official Copy – Deliver to Recipient” on the Order Options page, then choose “When to Release your transcript” and the “Primary Reason for Ordering” PDF transcript. Select “Next” once this is complete.
    • Order options may vary for each CUNY institution.
  2. Choose the “Recipient State” from the “Recipient Table” for the PDF transcript then select “Next”.
  3. Search and select the recipient institution for the transcript, then select “Paper Hard-Copy” as the “Delivery Method(s)”.
  4. Select “Yes” or “No” if you are providing an attachment for your transcript order, and confirm the recipient information is correct.
    • Instructions on how to submit an attachment to transcript orders are provided once the order is completed.
  5. Review the recipient information and make any updates or changes. Next, select “Continue to Order Summary”.
  6. Review and confirm the information on the “Summary” page is correct, then select “Go to Payment”.
  7. Complete “Step 1: Accept Agreement” and “Step 2: Payment Information”, then select “Submit Payment” to complete the order.
  8. Once the order is complete, an “Order Number” is generated, which can be used to track the order progress. If “Yes” was selected for attachments, select “click here” to manage attachments on the “Self-Service Plus” page.
  9. On the “Self-Service Plus” page, select one of the three options for the attachment: “Upload”, “Fax” or “Process Without”.
  10. After the order has been placed, you will receive an email confirming “Transcript Order Receipt”.
  11. After the order is complete, a second email is sent confirming “Transcript Order Processing Completed”.
  12. In the “Transcript Order Processing Completed” email, the student can select “View Order Status” for further confirmation that the transcript was processed and sent to the institution.

How to order third-party PDF transcript

  1. On the Order Options page, select “Official Copy – Deliver to Recipient”, then select the “Primary Reason for Ordering” the transcript from the drop-down menu. Select “Next” once this is complete.
  2. Next, select “Enter Recipient Manually” and choose “PDF Download” from the list of options.
  3. Enter the “Recipient Email Address”, select the “Recipient Type”, and fill in the “Recipient Information”. Select “Yes” or “No” if you are providing an attachment for your transcript order. Then select “Next”.
    • Instructions on how to submit an attachment to transcript orders are provided once the order is completed.
  4. Once the recipient is selected, continue to the “Order Summary” page.
  5. Review and confirm all the information is correct on the “Summary” page, then select “Go to Payment”.
    • For current pricing information, please review the order form.
  6. Complete “Step 1: Accept Agreement” and “Step 2: Payment Information”, then select “Submit Payment” to complete the order.
  7. Once the order is complete, an “Order Number” is generated, which can be used to track the progress of the order.
  8. After the order has been placed, you will receive an email confirming “Transcript Order Receipt”
  9. After the order is completed, a second email is sent confirming “Transcript Order Processing Completed”.
  10. Once the PDF transcript is downloaded by the recipient, you will receive a final email confirming “Transcript Order Received”. For further confirmation that the transcript order is received by the recipient, select “View Order Status”.
Video guide on how to order a paper hard-copy cuny transcript

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my CUNY transcript?

On the Student Center page, under the “Academics” tab, select “Request Official Transcript.” This will take you to the transcript ordering services page, with a list of all CUNY Transcript Ordering Services sites.

How do I get my official transcript from Cunyfirst?

To get cunyfirst official transcript, Select “Student Center” from the “CUNYFIRST MENU”. Under the “Academics” tab, select “Request Official Transcript” to order a transcript from a CUNY institution

Does CUNY accept electronic transcripts?

Yes. You may request your transcripts to be sent electronically or via mail to CUNY/UAPC.

Can I change the mode of delivery to my Cuny transcript order?

No. Once an order has been placed, the Registrar’s Office cannot provide refunds nor change the type of transcript requested. Students are responsible for following the instructions of their recipient as well as sending the acceptable transcript type (paper vs. electronic).

Can I send the Official Cuny Transcript (ePDF/Mailed) to myself?

Official Transcripts in ePDF or Paper-Hard Copy are only intended to be sent to either an Academic Institution/Third-Party Recipients.

If the student orders a Paper Hard-Copy Cuny transcript for themselves to forward this to the respective Third Party recipient, they must select “Official Copy Mailed to Student for a Third Party.”

How long does it take for an Official Transcript to be mailed to a specified address?

Cuny Transcript orders are processed within 5 to 7 business days.

Expect delays in delivery if the Paper Hard-Copy Transcript option is selected. Orders placed online for Paper Hard-Copy Transcripts are being printed at Parchment’s Printing Facility. Additional time may be required for your recipient to process your incoming Cuny transcript once it has been received.

Can I request that my Cuny transcript be expedited?

There is no expedited shipping for Paper Hard-Copy Transcripts through the Institution’s Transcript Order Site.

For faster delivery, students are highly encouraged to order electronic PDF Transcripts (See in the Information box of the Institution’s Order site, if eligible for PDF Transcripts delivered electronically).

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