Complete Guide to DeakinSync Student Login 2021

DeakinSync is your online student login portal that gives you access to everything you need at Deakin University.

You can access CloudDeakin and StudentConnect via DeakinSync, as well as your email, calendar, Office365, and other productivity and collaboration tools.

Deakin college portal is personalized to meet your needs throughout your life as a Deakin student.

How to log into deakinsync

To access Deakin Sync,

  1. Visit the Deakin login portal at
  2. Enter your Deakin username.
  3. Then enter your password.
  4. Finally, click on the “Sign On” button to access your dashboard.
DeakinSync login page
DeakinSync login page

Deakinsync has been developed to improve your university experience by providing a single entry point to the following tools and information:

  • Personal organization tools; including email and a calendar showing events from a range of systems such as CloudDeakin (assignments), STAR (timetable), and InPlace (placements).
  • Productivity and collaboration tools; a suite of powerful products, including OneDrive (cloud document storage), Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc), and Communities (connect with other students).
  • Access to learning tools; including single sign-on access to CloudDeakin units and the e-Portfolio tool.
  • Access to University information; including library, enrolments, study support, and much more.

Watch the video below to explore Deakin college portal.

Explore Deakin Sync

What is StudentConnect?

StudentConnect gives you online access to your enrolment details with the University. This includes:

  • Personal Details,
  • Enrolment,
  • Assessment & Exams,
  • Timetable,
  • Fees & Payment,
  • Graduation information.

To access StudentConnect, simply login to DeakinSync and select the StudentConnect icon in the toolbar. You can also access StudentConnect directly by visiting

What is the difference between CloudDeakin, StudentConnect, and DeakinSync?

CloudDeakin is your learning environment in the cloud, with all the information you need about your course and your classes. You can submit assignments via CloudDeakin, and take part in discussions with other students and teaching staff.

StudentConnect lets you manage your enrolment details at Deakin, including your personal details, course enrolment, timetable, fees, and graduation information.

DeakinSync is your personal hub, with easy access to everything you need to succeed at Deakin University.

What is Deakin star?

STAR (Student Timetable Allocation and Registration) is a personalized timetabling system that allows students enrolled in on-campus units to register for scheduled classes, seminars, and other activities.

What is my deakin student email address?

Your Deakin student email address matches the username you set up when you enrolled followed by “”.

You can access your student email inbox through DeakinSync. Select the ‘Mail’ when in mobile view.

You can find out how to activate your Deakin IT account by going to our Username and password generation and then follow the instructions.

New students will need to activate their username and password before logging on for the first time and to be able to enroll in units.

Once you have your username and password you will have your official Deakin email account (e.g.

You can then forward it to your favorite personal email account and ensure you get important information, as you need it, as you progress through your Deakin journey.

If you have any issues with your Deakin account or Deakin college portal, contact IT Help.

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Complete Guide to DeakinSync Student Login 2021

DeakinSync is your online student login portal that gives you access to everything you need at Deakin University. You can access CloudDeakin and StudentConnect via...

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