EIU D2L: Complete Guide to EIU LMS Portal

EIU D2L Login guide

EIU D2L is the Eastern Illinois University learning management system and is currently powered and hosted by Brightspace by D2L (Desire2Learn).

Table of Contents

How to log in to EIU D2L Brightspace

  1. Go to eiu.edu/d2l or select “d2l” at the top of most EIU webpages.
  2. Select “Login to D2L Brightspace”
  3. Enter your EIUnetID.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Then, click “Sign In.”
EIU D2L Login page
EIU D2L Login screenshot

Your EIUnetID and password are the same username and password you use for myEIU, Panthermail and PAWS.

If you experience any issues logging in to D2L with your EIUnetID and password, contact User Services at 217-581-4357 or support@eiu.edu.

How to log out of eiu d2l

It is important to log out of EIU D2L Brightspace especially if you are using a public computer.

To log out of Eastern Illinois University D2L Brightspace:

  • On the minibar, click on your username.
  • Select “Log Out.”

How to find your courses on D2L

After logging in to EIU D2L Brightspace, the “My Courses” widget is displayed on the home page.

  • The “My Courses” widget will display the current courses for most users.
  • Courses can be displayed for a specific semester by selecting the desired semester at the top of the “My Courses” widget.
  • After you locate the course, select the course title to access the course.
  • Users can pin courses to appear at the top of the My Courses widget.
  • The “Course Selector” is another way to easily search, locate, and pin courses. The “Course Selector” icon is available in the top navbar to the left of the notification icons. Select the icon to view the course list and access the search box.

How to edit your user Profile and Picture

From your username on the minibar, you can make changes to your user profile, notifications, account settings, and log out.

To edit your user profile and picture:

  1. On the minibar, click on your username.
  2. Select “Profile” to change settings for your profile picture, contact information, social networks, education information, work information, and personal information.
  3. Select the “Change Picture” button, then, “My Computer.”
  4. Upload your image and select “Add.”
  5. Make any other desired changes to your profile.
  6. Select “Save and Close.”

Navigating eiu d2l brightspace

The following common interface elements help you navigate the EIU D2L Brightspace Learning Environment:

  • Minibar – The minibar is always visible and helps you navigate the D2L Brightspace Learning Environment.
  • My Home – Returns you to the EIU homepage in D2L Brightspace.
  • Course Selector – Use the course selector to search and access your courses. For easy access, you can pin your courses to the top of the list.
  • Messages – Notifies you about unread mail and instant messages from instructors and other learners.
  • Updates – Notifies you about new and updated announcements, due dates and end dates, and grades.
  • Subscriptions – Notifies you about new blog posts, subscribed discussion forums, topics, and threads.
  • Username – This allows you to make changes to your user profile, notifications, account settings, and log out.
  • Navbar – Provides links to course-specific tools, for example, Discussions, Assignments, and Quizzes.
  • Course Homepage – Provides quick access to important information related to the course.
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