5 Important Resources to Access at UOFT

important-resources to access at uoft

What are the most important resources to access as a University of Toronto student? Let’s dive in.

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UOFT reddit

UofT Reddit is a community about all things about social, academic, and cultural activities at the University of Toronto. If you have questions on your mind such as the following, you are at the right place for the best answers;

  • Is UofT that bad?
  • Do you regret going to UofT?
  • Is UofT hard to get?

UOFT Reddit has over 70k members.

UOFT GPA calculator

UOFT GPA calculator is used to estimate the outcome of semester’s grades on your overall college average.

Calculate your grade point average with this quick and easy-to-use GPA calculator, and stay on top of your college and university study grades.

Remember, your official GPA can be found on your Academic History in ACORN UOFT.


Quercus UOFT is the University of Toronto’s Learning Management System, powered by Canvas. You need it to access your courses online.

As a U of T student, you can access your course content, view your progress in the course, and submit assignments.

Quercus was derived from the Latin word for the Oaktree genus and its relation to the University of Toronto coat of arms’ oak tree and motto “velut arbor aevo”, Latin for “as a tree through the ages”.


Acorn UOFT is the Student Information System of the University of Toronto. ACORN stands for Accessible Campus Online Resources Network. It is an important online tool for U of T students.

It is a web-based tool that stores all U of T student’s records – academic, personal, and financial.

You will use ACORN to enroll in your courses, view your personal course schedule, update your address, check your grades and other academic information, view your fees account, request graduation, order transcripts, print tax forms, etc.

UOFT webmail

UOFT Webmail is the University of Toronto weblogin service (UTORweblogin) and provides a single place for you to identify yourself to web services within the University.

This is commonly called a “single sign-on” (SSO) system. Once you log in to weblogin.utoronto.ca, you can access services like the Portal and webmail as well as other weblogin-enabled web services.

A single point of login simplifies access to protected services. Users can log in once with a single JOINid/UTORid and password and have access to many services. Service providers can authenticate users without having to maintain their own password systems.

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