Omnivox: A Complete Guide 2021

Whether you’re a serious student or just curious, it’s no harm finding some knowledge about Omnivox Learning Management System.

Omnivox is an online portal service built by Skytech Communications and used by most colleges in Quebec, Canada.

This online learning management tool helps students and teachers to have better communication and share documentation. It also provides many online services to students and teachers.

Omnivox was developed in close collaboration with numerous Colleges and Universities. It is therefore completely configurable to meet the varying realities of Educational establishments.

Omnivox Mobile connects to the Omnivox services offered by your University or College, and offers you instant access to many services.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the features of omnivox and how to find your way around the most important tools as a student.

If your school is a member, you will be able to sign up and have access to all the different useful features.

Important features of omnivox

With omnivox LMS, you can access;

  • Your Course Schedule
  • Léa features, such as:
    • Your Course Outlines
    • Your Course Documents
    • Your Assignments
    • Your Course Calendars
    • Your Evaluation Grades
  • Your Mio messages with your teachers and fellow students
  • Your Final Grades
  • Your Institution’s Latest News & Events Calendar
  • And much more!

You can also enjoy instant notifications when you receive Documents, Assignments, Grades, Mio messages, and more…

Omnivox mobile app
Omnivox mobile app

Dawson omnivox

Dawson College uses omnivox as their LMS. As a student of Dawson college, you can sign in via by entering your student number and password. You can read more on Dawson Omnivox.

Omnivox vanier

Vanier College is an English-language public college located in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was founded in 1970 as the second English-language public college of Quebec’s public college system, after Dawson College.

To log into Omnivox Vanier, navigate to on your browser. On the login page, enter your student number and your password. Now, click on the “Login” button to access your courses.

If you’re still having Trouble Accessing your Omnivox Vanier contact the Registrar’s Office at

Omnivox matrix

Matrix College is an extremely tech-savvy college in Quebec. You can access your classes by clicking On the login page, enter your student number and password. Finally, click on Login to access your courses.

Omnivox maisonneuve

Collège de Maisonneuve is a francophone public pre-university and technical college located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

To log into Omnivox Maisonneuve, navigate to Enter your student number (No de dossier) and your password (Mot de passe), then click on login.

Omnivox ahuntsic

Collège Ahuntsic is a Francophone public college situated in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The college offers both pre-university and technical programs.

To access Omnivox ahuntsic, Navigate to Enter your student credentials to log in to access your courses.

To access Omnivox ahuntsic for the first time, you will need your file number and your permanent code. The information appears at the beginning of your admission confirmation email. 

omnivox garneau

Cégep Garneau is a public academic institution located in Quebec City. It welcomes about 6,000 students planning on university studies after a two-year study program or preparing for a place in the labor market after a three-year terminal study program.

To log into omnivox garneau, go to Enter your student number and password to log in.

Omnivox edouard

Cégep Édouard-Montpetit is a public Francophone college in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. Approximately 7,300 students are enrolled in the 2 campuses, the main one located in Longueuil and the École Nationale d’aérotechnique in St-Hubert campuses. It is affiliated with the ACCC, and CCAA.

To log into omnivox adouard, navigate to Enter your student number and enter your password. Next, click on Login to access your courses.


What is Omnivox?

Omnivox is an online platform service that is reserved for and used by most Colleges and Universities in Canada. This management tool helps students and teachers to have a better communication and share documentation.

How do I use Omnivox?

When you use Omnivox for the first time, click on the First Use link (in red). Next, identify yourself by entering your admission number (student number), your permanent code and your birth date. Select three (3) questions and enter an answer for each of them.

How do I drop a class Omnivox?

How do I drop a course? To drop a course, use the Course Drop Request Form in Omnivox, under My College Services. Requests will be processed within 24-48 hours.

What is an Omnivox identifier?

To use the system, you must provide your Student ID number. This number appears on most of the official documents sent by the college as well as on your student ID card. To access to Omnivox, you must first choose a password with the help of your college’s portal page.

What is a good R score?

The R score is expressed by a number that can range from 1-50 although most R scores fall within the 15-36 range. To give you an idea of what the numbers mean, an R score average of around 35+ is usually required to be admitted to Medicine, an R score average between 27 to 29.5 is required to be admitted to Management.

How do I check my Omnivox R score?

You can find out your R score average and your individual R scores by going to Vanier’s website, logging into Omnivox and clicking on Results – Final Grades. To know your science or mathematics pre-requisite R score, add your individual science and/or mathematics R scores and divide by the number of R scores.

How do I delete a Vanier course?

Use the Course Registration module to delete the class by clicking on the trash bin symbol next to the course you want to delete and confirming your change (deletion) by entering your Omnivox password (The system will not allow you to add other courses).

How do I change my Omnivox password?

You can change your password by
1. Log into Omnivox App.
2. Tap the Services button on the bottom of the app.
3. Find and tap on Omnivox web version.
4. Go to the bottom of the left-hand menu and find Personal Profile.
5. Then tap on Modify Password.
6. Enter your current password, and then your new password as per the rules.

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