How to Use QUT Timetable Planner Chrome Extension

QUT Timetable Planner Guide

Get ready for class registration by mapping out your schedule in advance with the QUT Timetable Planner Chrome extension.

To use the Qut timetable planner extension;

  1. Navigate to Google Chrome Web Store.
  2. Download and install.
  3. Use the links underneath the timetable to open either the ‘enrolled units’ page or the advanced unit search. Unit searching can also be achieved by writing a unit ID or description in the ‘Unit Search’ box in the sidebar on the left (this is handy for units you’re not currently enrolled in).
  4. This extension will automatically detect the class availabilities for any subject on these pages.
  5. Clicking any ‘Import’ button on these pages will open up the timetable and add the class to the timetabler sidebar.
  6. Click to expand any unit code in the sidebar. Hover over any class type heading (e.g. ‘Tutorials’), to preview all available times for that class type.
  7. Hovering over a specific class will preview that class in your current timetable. Click to add it to the timetable, or press the ‘X’ to the right of any selected class to remove it.
  8. Finally, there’s an output that shows the class times you’ve selected so you’re ready for class registration.
QUT Timetable Planner
QUT Timetable Planner

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