Traductor Cambridge: How to Access Cambridge Translator in 2023

traductor cambridge translator

Traductor Cambridge is a translator or an interpreter made by Cambridge University. Traductor is a Spanish word that means “translator” in the English Language. Traducciones means translations.

Check your understanding of English words with definitions in your own language using Cambridge’s corpus-informed translation dictionaries and the Password and Global dictionaries.

How to use traductor Cambridge

To use traductor cambridge to translate a word in a foreign language;

  1. Navigate to
  2. First, choose your From and To languages.
  3. Then, type your text—up to 160 characters each time, up to 2,000 per day.
  4. Click on Translate.

Monolingual English Dictionaries

Cambridge University Press has perfect monolingual English dictionaries to complement your learning. English dictionaries are necessary during the learning period as they allow you to learn new words. They have monolingual dictionaries adapted to all levels.

Bilingual English – Spanish Dictionaries

Bilingual English-Spanish dictionary adapted for all levels. Find the perfect English translation for each word. When it comes to learning English, it is important to have a good English Spanish dictionary in which to consult all those unknown words. Vocabulary is one of the most important points in a language and having good control over it provides faster and more thorough learning.

Cambridge Pocket Bilingual Dictionary

A bilingual Spanish-English dictionary specifically developed to meet the needs of Spanish basic English learners.

This dictionary has been specifically written to meet the needs of elementary-level Spanish-speaking English learners. With 61,000 words, phrases, and examples and more than 70,000 translations, it offers excellent coverage of British and American English, as well as Spanish from Spain and Latin America.


  • Using information obtained from the Cambridge English Corpus, it focuses on the most common mistakes made by Spanish speakers when expressing themselves in English and provides notes to highlight and avoid them.
  • It includes grammar charts that collect the most problematic aspects of English, with simple explanations and practical examples.
  • A conversation guide helps you successfully cope with various communication situations.
  • The phonetic transcription and pronunciation notes for English words offer extra support regarding pronunciation.
  • The themed artwork color help to understand and memorize new vocabulary.

Comment below if you have any questions about Traductor Cambridge.

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