TUM Moodle: Helpful Guide to TU München LMS 2023

TUM Moodle and TUMonline login guide.

TUM Moodle is the Learning Management System of the Technical University of Munich. As a TU München student, you can use Moodle independently from regional and temporal limits and according to your own needs.

You can log in using your TUM username/TUM ID or your @tum.de or @mytum.de e-mail address.

How to log into TUM moodle

To log into Technical University of Munich, TUM Moodle Learning Management System,

  1. Open moodle.tum.de in your web browser.
  2. Choose the appropriate login link in the block “Moodle Login” on the upper right of the page. For mobile devices: You can find the block using the right-pointing arrow left bottom of your display.
  3. If you want to log in with your TUM ID, click on the first option and enter your username
  4. Enter your password
  5. Then, click Login to access your dashboard.
  6. Below “My courses” in the left navigation bar, you can find all courses for which you are registered.

If you’re a TUM member, choose the link “I have a TUM ID”. Afterward, enter your TUM identification (e.g. “ka21bab”) or your TUM-mail-address (e.g. “max.mustermann@tum.de” or “max.mustermann@mytum.de”) with the corresponding password and click on the button “Login”.

TUM Moodle login.
TUM Moodle login.

As an LMU member, choose the link “I have an LMU ID” and fill in your complete CampusLMU-mail-address of the domains @lmu.de, @campus.lmu.de, and @med.lmu.de and the corresponding password. Finally, click on the button “Login”.

By checking “keep me logged in” you have access to all services using this login (Shibboleth) without having to enter your credentials again for the time your browser is opened. To perform a complete log-out afterward, close your browser completely.

Shibboleth Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to log in safely to Web applications run by TUM and other parties using your TUM credentials. To ensure your privacy, checking “show data being transmitted” allows you to view and approve the data being transmitted to the service beforehand.

How to enroll in tum moodle course

The registration for the courses basically takes place in TUMOnline. If you register for a course there, it gets automatically transferred to TUM moodle, along with all participants. For all of the courses that are not listed in TUMOnline, the corresponding lecturer is responsible.

Why are some tum moodle courses not visible for me?

When a course gets compiled, it is not visible for students by default. This way the lecturer can edit the course without the students watching him. It can happen occasionally that the lecturer forgets to set the course visible for students. Unfortunately, the support team is not authorized to set the course visible to students. In such a case, contact the lecturer via mail or telephone. He can surely help you with this.

If a course is empty, the lecturer has either not entered anything into the course or not shared the content with the students. For this purpose, ask your lecturer.

How to access TUMonline

TUMonline is the student portal for TU München student. You can log in to access your account, register for courses and exams, download your transcripts, etc.

The TUMonline Campus Management System is the most important tool for managing and organizing your academic program! Whether it’s applying to TUM, registering for lectures and examinations, or creating certificates, you will use TUMonline during your entire course of study.

Log in using your TUM ID (e.g. “go42tum”) or TUM e-mail address and your password, or continue without logging in.

What is the LMU user ID?

The LMU user ID is a combination of email addresses and passwords that is used for most logins in the LMU area.

(including LMU portal, PC rooms in the HGB, LSF / exam registration).

It has the ending “@ campus.lmu.de” for students and “@ lmu.de” for employees.

To change your password.

  • Log in to the LMU portal.
  • Select the menu item “User account” in the upper right area.
  • Select the item “Change password” and define a new password.
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