UCL Moodle: How to Log into Moodle UCL 2022

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UCL Moodle is a virtual learning environment (VLE) or online learning space used to support and enhance teaching, learning, and research in University College London.

Moodle UCL is used to supplement taught modules, in some cases just by providing essential information and materials, but it can also be integrated more fully, becoming an essential component of a module.

Some modules may use Moodle to provide access to readings, videos, activities, collaboration tools, and assessments.

How to log into ucl moodle

To access UCL Moodle LMS,

  1. Go to moodle.ucl.ac.uk in your browser,
  2. At the top right corner, enter your username,
  3. Enter your password,
  4. Click “Login” to access your Moodle courses.

Log in using your UCL username and password. This is the same username and password you use to access other UCL services e.g. the UCL Library or UCL email.

Finding your modules & navigating Moodle

Once you are logged in you’ll arrive at the My home page.

On your My Home page, the Course Overview displays links to your modules. You can see any modules you have been enrolled on by selecting the Courses tab in the Course Overview section.

If you can’t see these, you can use the Search Courses box on the right to find another Moodle course. Search by Module code (e.g. ELEX1002) or name.

Click the name of the course you want to enter. If the course has an enrolment key (password), ask your tutor or course administrator what it is.

The Recently accessed courses show the most recent courses you have accessed.

How to access your ucl moodle snapshot

The UCL Moodle snapshot contains read-only snapshots of Moodle courses from previous years for students and staff to refer to.

To access it,

Moodle UCL faqs

Why can’t I log on to UCL Moodle with my UCL username and password?

Make sure you do not have CAPS lock selected. Are you able to log into other UCL systems, e.g. Portico or the UCL Wiki? If not contact the ISD Service Desk to receive a new UCL password. If yes, it is a rare occasion that only Moodle isn’t working and this requires looking into it, contact E-Learning Support.

How do I update my profile in UCL Moodle?

Your Moodle UCL profile displays information about you to other Moodle users. You can also add a photo to your profile (which can be useful for tutors and for other course members).

If you wish to edit your profile:

1. Log into UCL Moodle
2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your name (located on the top right of the screen)
3. Click the Edit profile
4. Edit the fields you wish to change
5. Click the Update profile bottom.

How can I enrol on my course using the enrolment key I was given by my tutor?

To enroll with the help of an enrolment key, you will need to:

1. Browse to Moodle UCL
2. Login using your UCL username and password
3. Search for the course using the Search Courses box
4. Click on the name of the course from the list of search results
5. On the screen that appears enter the enrolment key given by your tutor
6. Click OK to confirm that you want to self-enroll.

How do I unenroll from a course I no longer need access to?

Navigate to the Moodle course homepage that you wish to unenroll from. Click the Settings block and choose ‘Unenroll me from this course‘. You will then need to confirm that you really wish to unenroll.

Is Moodle a VLE?

Yes. Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or an online area where students and staff can interact, access course materials, and submit assignments.

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