A Simple Guide to UF All Access 2023

UF All Access program

UF All Access is a digital textbook program that offers discounted prices on commercial publisher textbooks.

As a University of Florida student, you will receive your course materials digitally at a discount before the first day of class, with the ability to opt-out of the program.

The digital textbooks come with study tools, including search, highlighting, and note-taking.

With digital textbooks and materials through UF All Access, students will get instant access, carry a lighter bookbag, and save 50% or more over printed books.

According to studies, students who don’t have their required course materials on the first day of class may be at a disadvantage.

This is why the University of Florida wants all Gators playing on the same field, and therefore offering more affordable digital materials you can access immediately.

How to log into UF all access

Follow these instructions for opting into all access materials.

  1. Go to bsd.ufl.edu/AllAccess/ or Gator1.ufl.edu.
  2. Here, log in with your GatorLink account.
  3. Then choose the drop-down for “UF All Access: Get Access Codes for Classes“.
  4. Students are shown a list of classes in which they are enrolled in that are participating in UF All Access with the prices included.
  5. Click the Opt-in check box next to the desired class.
  6. Then, click the authorize the charges box.
  7. Once you have reviewed your course selections click the Opt-In button.
  8. The access code or access instructions are now displayed.
    • For Access Codes – Copy the code and follow your instructor’s specific directions for gaining access to your materials. Typically you will find the instructions on your UF Canvas class page.
    • For Brytewave eTextbooks – You will receive an email at your @ufl.edu within 24 hours of opting-in, which will provide you with access to your bookshelf.
  9. The classes that you opted into will continue to be displayed for up to three weeks after the term has started. Be sure to register the access code before this deadline. Check out UF Calendar dates and deadlines.

How it works

With UF All Access, you don’t need to buy additional course materials from the bookstore.

  • Check to see if your courses have a UF All Access option.
  • When you choose this option, your charges will be automatically applied to your student account.
  • You’ll receive an email on or before the first day of class with instructions on how to access your course content.
UF All Access page
UF All Access page

Why choose UF all access?

  • Price discounts negotiated by UF to help you save on your digital course materials.
  • Immediate, digital access to your materials when you register for a course.
  • An optional print upgrade at a deep discount.
  • Digital study tools, including search, highlighting, and note-taking.

Frequently asked questions

What is UF All Access?

UF All Access is the University of Florida’s digital course materials program. Selected courses are available through UF All Access to provide students with the lowest prices on their eBooks and Courseware products. Students can choose to opt into these materials and be provided instant access to their access codes for their homework systems and/or access to a digital version of their books. The charges will be billed to their student accounts automatically and if they have Financial Aid available, it will automatically pay for these charges.

I just enrolled in a new class, but the UF All Access option isn’t available to opt-in?

New classes usually take 24 hours to appear on the UF All Access page. If you need to opt into your materials you can email All Access with your UF ID number, Course Code (i.e. MAC 1105) & 5 digit class # (found on your schedule), and the UF All Access team will manually add you.

Some of my classes are not showing as available to opt-in?

Not every class participates in UF All Access. You can find purchasing options for your non-UF All Access materials at the UF Bookstore.

Can I use Bookstore Deferment to pay for my UF All Access charges?

Bookstore Deferment is a credit line extended to you regardless of your financial aid status and is NOT an additional award.

UF All Access charges will post to your student account automatically and, if you have excess rewards or scholarships coming in, they will be applied to your UF Bookstore or All Access purchases before the remaining amount is disbursed to you.

If you do not have any excess financial aid funds and make a purchase using the Bookstore Deferment credit or UF All Access, you will owe the amount purchased to the Bursar’s office. Balances can be viewed and paid at ONE.UF.

I dropped a class. How do I request a refund?

When a course is dropped the UF All Access charges are automatically refunded. This usually takes place within 3 days of the class being removed from your schedule. You can view changes on your student account at One UF If it has been longer than 5 days since you dropped the course, email allaccess@bsd.ufl.edu with your UF ID number & Course Code (i.e. MAC 1105).

I’m interested in purchasing a print version of the textbook as well. Where can I go?

For print purchasing options or study guides and additional course materials visit the UF Bookstore Textbook page or the UF Bookstore located in the Reitz Union.

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