How to Access your UQ Email 2023

Uq email login

Every student of the University of Queensland is provided with an email address. Accounts are supplied and managed by the Information Technology Services.

UQ email accounts are hosted on a cloud-based platform called Office 365. You should check your student email on a daily basis – it’s the main method of communication at UQ.

You need your UQ student email to access UQ Blackboard and other important services.

How to activate your email

  1. To activate your student email, click the email link in the my.UQ Dashboard.
  2. After you click the email link, you’ll be directed to a page where you can set up a password.
  3. Your Office 365 account is a permanent account that you can access for life through the Microsoft Office 365 website. This means you can continue using it even after you graduate.
  4. After you activate your student email, you can access your email online or set up an inbox on your mobile device.

Check out UQ academic calendar important dates.

How to check your UQ email

Once your account is activated, there are two ways you can check your UQ email:

If you log in via the Office 365 website, remember to use your student email address and email password.

Remember, your student account username and password are separate from your student email username and password. If you forget your email password, you can reset it. Don’t try to reset your email password through the Microsoft website.

Checking UQ email on your phone

To set up your inbox on a mobile app, follow Microsoft’s set up instructions for Outlook for Android
Outlook for iPhone or iPad. Use your UQ student email address and email password during the setup process.

How to add your UQ email to Outlook

  1. Download the Outlook app from the App Store.
  2. Open the Outlook app.
  3. Enter your UQ account username in the ‘Email Address’ field using the format For example,
  4. Tap ‘Add Account’. You’ll be taken to the UQ Authenticate portal.
  5. Enter your usual UQ account username and password and tap ‘Login’.
  6. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your account.

How to add your UQ email to Gmail

  1. In Gmail, open ‘Settings’ and select ‘Users and Accounts’.
  2. Tap ‘Add Account’, then ‘Exchange’.
  3. Enter your UQ account username in the email address field, using the format For example, Tap ‘Next’.
  4. Enter your usual UQ account password and tap ‘Next’.
  5. Tap ‘Next’ again on the following screen.
  6. Select ‘OK’ if a ‘remote security administration’ notice appears.
  7. Tap ‘Next’ to complete the setup.

About UQ email address

Your student email address depends on the date you first enrolled at UQ:

  • If you first enrolled after 24 March 2011, your UQ email address is (where xx may be a number).
  • If you first enrolled before 24 March 2011, your UQ email address is (where xx may be a number).

You can request a change to the ‘firstname.lastnamexx’ part your email address.

There are also other email addresses attached to your account, which are used for administrative and software licensing purposes.

These addresses include:


These addresses all go to your primary mailbox.

Email after you leave UQ

You can keep using your student email account after you graduate – your UQ email address is for life.

You can continue accessing your email through the:

  • my.UQ dashboard
  • Office 365 website.

You will only have access to Outlook, not the rest of Office 365. You will also still be able to log into my.UQ to reset your Office 365 password.

If you would prefer to close your UQ email address when you graduate, submit an IT request.

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