UTS Canvas: A Complete Guide to Canvas UTS 2023

uts canvas

UTS Canvas is your online learning platform for the students of the University of Technology, Sidney Australia.

With the LMS, you can access learning and teaching materials for subjects, Complete online activities, View subject announcements, Submit assessments, Receive grades and feedback

On the landing page when you first log into UTS Canvas, you’ll see all of your enrolled subjects either as cards on the Canvas Dashboard or under the ‘Courses’ list in the Global Navigation Menu.

How to log into uts canvas

To access canvas UTS,

  1. Head to canvas.uts.edu.au
  2. Log in using your student number and password.
  3. Your student number and password should be the same as your Blackboard (UTSOnline) or UTS Webmail login.
New to Canvas? Learn how to log into Canvas at UTS, navigate the platform, find your subjects and use the app when on the go. When getting started, you should also ensure your notifications are on so that you don’t miss out on anything important!

Can’t find your subject in Canvas UTS?

Only a few subjects remain in Blackboard (UTSOnline) in Autumn session 2021. Most undergraduate and postgraduate subjects are in Canvas.

You can find out if your enrolled subjects are in Canvas or Blackboard (UTSOnline) using the Subject Finder Tool. To search, enter the subject name or Subject ID number, which can be found using My Student Admin.

How to log into UTS canvas insearch

UTS College is the premium pathway provider to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia’s number 1 young university.

Insearch Limited is a controlled entity of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and a registered private higher education provider of pathways to UTS.

To log in,

  1. Go to Canvas.insearch.edu.au
  2. Type in your email address, e.g. 3xxxxxx@student.uts.edu.au, And click “Next
  3. Enter your UTS email password If you are unable to log in with your UTS email password, try resetting your password or log a ticket with the ITDS service desk at servicedesk.insearch.edu.au or contact +61 2 9218 7000.
  4. You have successfully logged into UTS Canvas insearch and you will be able to check your course now!
UTS Canvas login page
UTS Canvas login page

How to log into Canvas on your phone app

  1. Search “Canvas Student” in your app store/google play store
  2. Click on “Find my school”
  3. Type in “Insearch” and select “UTS Insearch – Student”
  4. Enter your UTS email address, e.g. 3xxxxxx@student.uts.edu.au
  5. Enter your UTS email password
  6. Click on “accept” to allow the permissions
  7. Now you should be able to view your course on your phone!
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