UTSA Degree Works Guide 2023

utsa degree works

UTSA Degree Works allows you to plan future coursework and run degree audits. You and your academic advisor can use it to easily identify which courses have been completed, and which ones are still needed to fulfill your degree requirements.

With DegreeWorks UTSA, you’ll be able to schedule your semesters with the ideal study/life balance and still graduate on time.

How to access UTSA degree works

You can access UTSA Degree Works anytime on UTSA ASAP or myUTSA or by meeting your academic advisor. DegreeWorks can be found on ASAP under the Student Services tab and then by clicking on Student Records. Every Roadrunner automatically gets a DegreeWorks account to help them plan their degree.

To access utsa degree works,

  1. Log into ASAP
  2. Click on student services
  3. Then, go to Student Records
  4. Finally, click on DegreeWorks.

You can also access UTSA Degree works directly via myUTSA Degreeworks Logn.

With DegreeWorks UTSA, you can:

  • Create a personalized semester by semester course plan
  • Monitor your progress toward graduation
  • Create a “What-If” plan that details what happens if you change your major or degree plan
  • Look ahead to how your progress will be affected by the courses you plan to take in future semesters
  • Run GPA calculations based on current grades and future grades.

Want to know more degree details? UTSA degree plans provide a suggested 4-year schedule of courses for students to follow, including milestones that should be met each year, which will also help keep you on track.

For the learning management system, learn more about UTSA Blackboard.

How to update your utsa degree plan

There are 4 steps in updating your degree plan at UTSA. Get more on Degreeworks tutorials videos.

Step 1: Access Your Plan

  1. Log in to UTSA Degree Works
  2. Click on the Plans tab
  3. Click on your plan
  4. Click on Edit from the views menu.

Step 2: Make changes

Changing a course

  1. Select course information in the field
  2. Delete course information
  3. Type in the new course information.

Deleting a course

  1. Select course then click on minus icon
  2. The course is now removed from the plan.

Tip: When selecting a course in the plan, you must select one of the open spaces (such as where the arrow is in the picture on the left) in the course row and not one of the fields (ex: where it says BIO 1233).

Adding a course

  1. Click on the plus icon in the term where you want to add a class
  2. Select Course from the menu
  3. An empty row will be added to the term
  4. Type the course information in the empty field (BIO 1404 used in the picture).

Moving a course to a different term

  1. Select the course you want to move
  2. Click and drag the course to the term you want to move it to
  3. The course has now been moved to the new term.

Step 3: Save changes

After making changes to your plan, change the name of your plan by changing the text in the Description field. You can change completely or add in that the plan is pending approval or is revised.

Click the Save As button at the bottom of the screen. This makes a copy of the plan. Students cannot make changes to plans that have been created by advisors, which is why a copy needs to be made. Changes to the plan will be saved to the copy rather than the original, advisor-created plan.

Step 4: Notify your advisor

Once you’ve saved your revised plan, send an email to your advisor letting them know that you’ve made changes to your plan. Briefly describe what changes were made to your plan. Don’t forget to include your ID number in your email.

Once your advisor reviews the changes to your plan, they will let you know if there are any problems with the changes you have made. If the plan is approved by your advisor, the plan you created will be your new active plan.

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