Unistude is a web platform for students to find useful information about their student portals, courses, online learning management systems.

It is your student portal and Learning management system tutorials. Find out how to log into your student portal or LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.).

I know it is frustrating whenever you want to access the login or portal page of your university. Usually, we know about the home page URL of the university but since the portal page’s URL is long (sometimes complex) so it can’t be remembered.

Moreover, there are dozens of websites we use in our daily life so not all can be remembered.

One way to reach desired portal page is by going to the desired website and then finding the link to the required portal page. But apart from few cases, it is utterly confusing, since most sites don’t put a list of portal pages and you need to hoop through a complicated series of landing pages before reaching the desired link.

To solve this problem, I have come up with Unistude Limited to help you access your student portal, academic calendar, student email account, your LMS (Canvas, D2L, Moodle, blackboard), and other useful guides including how to reset or change your password, create a student account, submit your assignments, etc.

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