CUIMS: Helpful Guide to Chandigarh University Student Login 2024


CUIMS is the student portal for the students of Chandigarh University in India. It stands for Chandigarh University Information Management System.

With Cuims, you will be able to see the latest announcements about your study, university news, etc. You can also see your attendance, fee status on your UIMS.

In this post, we’ll learn about Chandigarh University login systems such as uims.cuchd, CUCHD blackboard login, and CU LMS login. Keep on reading.

How to log into cuims

To access Chandigarh university login,

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the first options (Student Login).
  3. On the login page, enter your user ID or UID.
  4. Click on Next.
  5. Then enter your password.
  6. Log in to access your student home dashboard.

Once you log in, you will be able to access various features and functionalities based on your role and access level. Students can view their course schedules, attendance, examination results, and other academic-related information.

Faculty can manage their courses, upload assignments, mark attendance, and upload examination results. University administrators can manage various administrative functions such as admission, examination, attendance, and finance.

What is CUIMS ID?

CUIMS ID is a login ID that is provided by the university management to the students and faculty. It is used to log into CUCHD blackboard, CU LMS, and other logins at Chandigarh University.

It refers to the unique identification number assigned to every student of Chandigarh University. The CUIMS ID is a 9-digit number that is provided to students at the time of admission. This ID identifies and tracks students’ academic records, attendance, examination results, and other related information within the CUIMS system.

Every student gets a unique login ID and password. You’ll get your CUIMS ID during registration. Your Registration number is your CUIMS ID, starting with the YEAR, followed by the course, and then registration.

Students can find their CUIMS ID on their admission letter or fee receipt. It is important to keep this ID confidential and secure, as it is used for various academic and administrative purposes within the university.

If students forget their CUIMS ID or need any assistance related to their account, they can contact the university’s IT helpdesk or the CUIMS support center.

Cuims login page.
Cuims login page.

You can also download the Chandigarh University Management System mobile app on Google Play to access the student portal on your smartphone. Although it has some bad reviews, you can give it a try.

About Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University (CU) is a private university located in Chandigarh, India. The university offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across multiple disciplines, including engineering, management, law, journalism, animation, design, and pharmacy, among others.

The university has an Information Management System (IMS) that is designed to streamline and automate various administrative and academic processes. 

The CUIMS allows students, faculty, and staff to access information related to admissions, course schedules, examination results, attendance, and other academic-related activities.

Some of the key features of the IMS include:

  1. Student portal: The student portal allows students to access information related to their courses, assignments, attendance, examination schedules, and results.
  2. Faculty portal: The faculty portal allows teachers to manage their courses, post assignments, mark attendance, and upload examination results.
  3. Administrative portal: The administrative portal allows university administrators to manage the university’s various functions, including admission, examination, attendance, and finance.
  4. Mobile application: The university also has a mobile application that allows students, faculty, and staff to access information on the go.

The IMS is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the university’s operations while enhancing the overall student experience.

CU LMS login

CU LMS is a student learning portal used at Chandigarh University. To login, visit On confirmation of admission to the Program, a student can log in to the CU LMS using their Roll number (University Registration number) as the Username and Password.

Just as blackboard, Chandigarh University’s Learning Management System (CU LMS) is designed in such a way that you are just a click away from learning.

The well-designed study material provides the learner with the flexibility to plan their studies as per their distinguished requirements and renders sufficient scope for the experts to plan the e-content and delivery.

If you need assistance, dial this toll-free helpline number: 1800 1212 88800.

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