13 Best Customized Names of Student Email Account


Your student email account is the internal messaging system used by your faculty to stay in touch with students, mentors, parents, and guardians.

Every university has a student email account for every student. Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 dominate the student email domain. Student email addresses normally follow the order firstlastname@yourschool.edu. You’ll need your username (NetID) and password to log in.

School email address is yours, but it is the property of your university. They can disable it (permanently, and without notice) in certain conditions.

Just as we looked at the top interesting student portal names and interesting names of learning management systems, we’ll also look at customized names of student email accounts in this post.


VandalMail is the name of the University of Idaho student email account.

A VandalMail email account is assigned upon registration. All University of Idaho students are required to activate and use their VandalMail email account for ISI course-related correspondence or set up email forwarding from VandalMail to another email.


MNSU MavMAIL is the official communication method for Minnesota State University, Mankato. MavMAIL is part of Office 365, including software like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Teams, OneNote, OneDrive, and more.

Knights Email

Knights Email is the primary student email account system for all UCF students. The email system is hosted by Microsoft and powered by Office 365, but UCF maintains control of the accounts. All official university communications are sent through Knights Email.

The knights’ Email system is a special version of Microsoft Outlook Live, customized specifically for UCF students. It provides UCF students with a set of free hosted communication and collaboration services.


HeelMail is the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill student email account portal. This is where UNC shares important updates from the Admissions office and details about students’ financial aid package including other important academic info.


EagleConnect is the official UNT email system for students, applicants, and alumni based on Microsoft Outlook.

Student or applicant of the University of North Texas, use EagleConnect email to view important communications from the Office of the Registrar, Financial Aid, libraries, student accounting, advisors, and others.

The EagleConnect email address is firstlast@my.unt.edu. It can be found by logging into the Account Management System, AMS. It is listed in the “Student E-Mail” field. Your password is the same as the one used for all UNT systems.


BuckeyeMail (lastname.#@buckeyemail.osu.edu) is the official Ohio State University email account. BuckeyeMail also gives access to Microsoft Office 365, which Ohio State students are eligible to use for free.

The Office 365 ID is the students’ full BuckeyeMail address.


ScarletMail (Gmail) is the official student email account service for Rutgers Students. It can be accessed at mail.scarletmail.rutgers.edu using NetID and password.

The ScarletApps suite includes the core Google hosted applications; Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Talk, Video and Sites. In addition to the core suite, Google has added dozens of additional apps to the Google Apps for Education program.

ScarletApps provides a wealth of resources for communication and collaboration that can enrich the learning, instructional, and work environments of Rutgers students, faculty, and staff.

CIX email

CIX email is a CUNY-wide students’ state-of-the-art e-mail and communication suite. Through the partnership with Microsoft, everything you do online – e-mail, shared calendars, and chatting – now works together better than ever with 24/7 reliability.

The convention for generating CIX email accounts is: User name convention: firstname.lastname@cix.csi.cuny.edu.

Provided that there are no name conflicts, your e-mail ID should remain the same. For example, if there is more than one “John Smith” on campus, one person’s ID will be “John.Smith”, the second “John.Smith2” and the third “John.Smith3′.

Password convention: Csi+your EMPLID.


WKU TopperMail is the email account for students of Western Kentucky University. It features a robust email client with an integrated calendar, a number of versatile collaboration tools, and much more.

WKU students are issued a TopperMail email account within 24-48 hours after their initial course registration.

Bobcat Mail

Texas State Email, known as Bobcat Mail, is the official email service used at Texas State University. As part of Microsoft 365, BobcatMail integrates with many other Microsoft 365 apps. TXST Email is available on mobile devices, where you need it when you need it.

Your Texas State email address is in the format: yourNetID@txstate.edu (e.g., zzz99@txstate.edu).


TERPmail is an email scheduling and collaboration environment available for undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. It is built on Google Apps and is the de-facto system for student email communication. 

TERPmail replaced Mirapoint email in October 2011. All employees and graduate students at the University of Maryland (UMD) get a UMD Gmail account (also known as @umd.edu). 


GryphMail is the University of Guelph’s official email address, contacts, tasks, and calendar system. All faculty, staff, and students are given a Gryph Mail email address. 

The Microsoft Office 365 email system provides UofG users with greater storage capacity, more straightforward mobile compatibility, better security, and improved collaboration, among other benefits.


LoboMail is a feature-rich email and calendaring system based on Microsoft Exchange Online in Office 365. It is available to all students, staff, and faculty at the University of New Mexico.

Every UNM user is provided with an email account when they start as a student, staff, or faculty.

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